How do artists submit their music?

Artists simply go to the submit music page and upload their music files.


What do Artists need to do before they submit their music?

Artists need to make sure the metadata i.e. track name, artist’s name, cover art etc. is embedded into each file before submitting their music


How do I reset my password?

On the login page, there is a link to reset your password.


Do artists get paid for the music when they upload it to the service?

No they don’t get paid for having the music up on the service. However,  DME3 has just introduced a new feature – a donation facility where listeners and fans can donate directly to artists through a paypal link – Artist must opt in to this facility when submitting their information into the submit music form and provide their Paypalme link or Paypal email address linked to their Paypal account. Artists can also link back to their own website to sell their music.


Can Artists manage and update their profile information?

yes artists can manage their own profile they can add and edit and change the information at any time.



Does it cost anything for artist to join the service and upload the music?

This service is free for the artist to upload the music to the service.


Can listeners search for music on the service?

There is no search functionality in the service for specific artist or track search  at this time.


How does a playlist work?

Listeners can buy into a playlist and then they would get access to the music on that playlist and can scroll through the list to listen to the music on that list.


Do listeners get a trial before they buy into a playlist?

Yes, there is a one month trial period on both levels before they buy into that playlist.


Do listeners get a refund if the service is unable to be delivered to them?

We don’t offer refunds


Can listeners cancel their subscription to the service?

Yes, listeners can simply delete their account through their account settings.


How do listeners change their billing information?

Listeners can edit their billing information through account settings.