founders update



Over the last couple months a few of our team members had been doing

training in marketing and basic web design. We thought it would be a good time to up skill our team skills to better manage the business products and services.

Another change we will be making will be downsizing our social media channels to make it is more streamlined. We will be using Facebook and Instagram as the two main social media in the future.

We will be setting up a LinkedIn profile for DME3 and will be using LinkedIn to announce changes to the business in the future. We will also be announcing new services and networking with other businesses and present behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

We will also be better utilising our U-tube channel and putting up behind-the-scenes videos about employees and what we do behind-the-scenes.

The social media accounts to be faded out will be Twitter and Tumblr over the next coming months.

We are doing this so we can better manage our content and streamline what we put out to our customers. If you follow us on any of those accounts you can still follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

These are just some of the small steps we feel we must do to improve the management of our business and the way we operate. There will be more changes happening over the next year or so to DME3.

We have got a few exciting announcements coming up in the New Year, so the watch this space!

This letter was written by our founder;

Nathan Johnston

dme3 ad

We have put together our very first ad campaign here at DME3 we couldn’t have done it without Peter Staubli and Corey leg also and Grant Webster in today we are launching the ad on Facebook before it launches at The Picture Show Man Cinema I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped produced and make the ad for DME3.
I would like to see big think you also to Jesse tankard for our partnership see DME3 can advertise it ad atThe Picture Show Man Cinema I look forward to working with you for the long term future
we have now got a few partnerships with other companies and other businesses just like we have withThe Picture Show Man Cinema and we will continue to grow and advertise and we want to make new partnerships with more businesses in the future.
Due to the current economical time and we are all facing including all businesses as well as DME3 itself because of COBIT 19 please be assured that we are making plans for the future to make improvements and big updates to the DME3 music service because the current situation it may take a while to do what we need to do here at DME3.

Facebook group for our musicians


I am writing to you today to announce that we have set up a FaceBook group ,’DME3 your home for music’ another option offered by DME3 . It is specifically set up for our artists to write posts and talk all things music, announce tours new releases
We encourage all our musicians who have a profile on DME3 to join this group.
We will post future announcements upcoming features ,products and services from DME3 amongst this group.
We will have more news coming soon.
Kind Regards

Founder DME3

Nathan Johnston.

happy holidays

As Christmas gets closer, we would like to share with you some of the highlights DME3 has had during the year.

It has been a big First year us here at DME3 since the official Launch.

This year we have made connections with some very talented Artists.   We have artists who are based in Australia  and internationally.

DME3 has made some partnerships with businesses who are working alongside to get more artists onboard along with more exposure for DME3.

We hope to continue with improving the platform to make it more beneficial  for musicians and listeners into 2020.

We have posted some articles on our DME3 news page about some of our 2019 highlights.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the DME3 Team.

DME3our founder Nathan Johnston ski trip

The founder of DME3 Nathan Johnston went skiing  with Disabled Wintersport Australia for four days  during the month of September 2019. It was the second time around that he had been skiing with DWA. The instructors were all very professional and supportive. They created  an individualized riding experience for Nathan. Nathan spoke of the adrenaline rush and of  the amazing surrounding terrain. The whole experience will be unforgettable ,he said.

Nathan is already planning for his 2020 skiing trip with DWA. We were fortunate to capture some of Nathan’s Skiing down the slopes. You can watch the footage of Nathan and his team below.

We have also have put up some photos here for viewing as well.

You can check out DWA and their services at






J&S Management and Promotion

DME3 partnered with J&S Management and Promotion earlier this year

so they could put up all of the musicians’ music that they manage.

They are in talks with DME3 at the moment about putting up more content in the future.

Our partnership with Joel from J&S Management and Promotion looks very strong for the near future.

It’s great when two local businesses can come together in the music industry to support one another.

All of the musicians from J&S Management and Promotion are currently up on DME3

We look forward to the future and to what it can bring, Joel has been really supportive of DME3 and our services.

They are based in Moruya you can check them out at

Band Together Music Festival

DME3 partnered with JAM Event Management at this year’s Band Together event held on 30th November at Wolumla Show Ground.

Thanks to Lynn McCall and Darren Jones for partnering with DME3 to help our service get more exposure.  We would like to say a special thank you for all your hard work in organizing it all and the VIP sponsorship.  We were grateful for the opportunity to meet some brand new artists who were interested in putting their music up on DME3.

We look forward to working together again in the near future.








DME3’s one year anniversary is on this Saturday November 30. It has been a year since we have launched our service!

To mark this milestone we are offering a discount to the plus year plan.

The discounted price for the first year is $150 with the second year only $75

The discount code for this special offer is Firstyear

This special offer will only be offered for a limited amount of time so get in quick as the offer ends on 31 December 2019.

Please click on this link to sign up

Facebook live interview

About a month ago now we had a live interview on Facebook.

The interview was with “About Regional” and we discussed our new membership plans.

We now offer membership plans for individual businesses or corporate businesses.

We now offer our whole catalogue of music to our Free members.

Not long after we had our interview with About Regional we had a meeting with Tulgeen and the meeting went well. We discussed Tulgeen signing up a few of their buildings to the Business Membership.

In other news our founder Nathan Johnston went skiing and we got some awesome footage.


LIVE with Nathan Johnston founder of Bega Valley based music steaming service DME3 and Germaine Muller from Futuretheory in Canberra. Get behind Nathan and the joy of music –

Posted by About Regional on Sunday, 11 August 2019

Jazz Festival

Saturday June 8, we went to the Merrimbula Jazz Festival.

 We heard some wonderful compilations and some different styles of music.

 Had a good time at the Jazz Festival.

There is a few exciting things coming up soon of which we are very excited about.

 A new musician has just come on board,

her name is Sheila Morris.

You can check her profile out at

We would like to say thank you to all of the musicians who have put up their music  to our platform.


Watch out for more news and some announcements next month.