Facebook live interview

About a month ago now we had a live interview on Facebook.

The interview was with “About Regional” and we discussed our new membership plans.

We now offer membership plans for individual businesses or corporate businesses.

We now offer our whole catalogue of music to our Free members.

Not long after we had our interview with About Regional we had a meeting with Tulgeen and the meeting went well. We discussed Tulgeen signing up a few of their buildings to the Business Membership.

In other news our founder Nathan Johnston went skiing and we got some awesome footage.


LIVE with Nathan Johnston founder of Bega Valley based music steaming service DME3 and Germaine Muller from Futuretheory in Canberra. Get behind Nathan and the joy of music – https://dme3.com.au/

Posted by About Regional on Sunday, 11 August 2019

Jazz Festival

Saturday June 8, we went to the Merrimbula Jazz Festival.

 We heard some wonderful compilations and some different styles of music.

 Had a good time at the Jazz Festival.

There is a few exciting things coming up soon of which we are very excited about.

 A new musician has just come on board,

her name is Sheila Morris.

You can check her profile out at https://dme3.com.au/artist/shellie-morris/

We would like to say thank you to all of the musicians who have put up their music  to our platform.


Watch out for more news and some announcements next month.



DME3 Feedback

DME3 Logo



Since web launched DME3
we have received feedback around the music streaming service
about how easy and simple it is to use and navigate the music streaming service
from some uses who have already signed up to the service that was really good positive feedback
we designed this streaming service to be simple and easy to use so we’re really happy to hear that feedback

we have also received some feedback from artist about how they get paid and about having their own music player embedded inside their profiles
we have taken all their feedback on board
we would love to hear from everyone about how we can better the service for artist and listeners
we have been working on some features based on the feedback from artist
so stay tuned for those feature announcements

Driving Out of Eden – Now Available on DME3




DME3 music streaming service is now available for listeners

Listeners can now sign up to our music streaming service and listen to awesome music that we have on offer on our catalogue, here is the link to our membership options;  https://dme3.com.au/membership-account/membership-levels/

This week we have received a brand-new album now live on our service. It is called “Driving out of Eden”.

The album was recorded in New Zealand and the songs were written by Corey Legge.

He is very proud of his debut album, which took four years to write.

His album is on the plus level!

So we encourage all listeners to jump on board and join up to 1 of our plans to listen to music

We’ve got plans to suit everyone, free ,basic  and plus. Click on the link up above to see our prices.

We look forward to seeing you on our platform!


2018 An Exciting Year for DME3

Nathan Johnston is with the DME3 team

DME3 has had a big year with the launch of the first stage of our music platform. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful web development team from Future Theory along with our efficient and helpful legal team from Sneddon, Hall and Gallop. We wish all the DME3 team and all our supporters a safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

In other news we have already got our first band onboard! Barron Runes from the US. We hope to see a lot more music uploaded in the new year!