founders update



Over the last couple months a few of our team members had been doing

training in marketing and basic web design. We thought it would be a good time to up skill our team skills to better manage the business products and services.

Another change we will be making will be downsizing our social media channels to make it is more streamlined. We will be using Facebook and Instagram as the two main social media in the future.

We will be setting up a LinkedIn profile for DME3 and will be using LinkedIn to announce changes to the business in the future. We will also be announcing new services and networking with other businesses and present behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

We will also be better utilising our U-tube channel and putting up behind-the-scenes videos about employees and what we do behind-the-scenes.

The social media accounts to be faded out will be Twitter and Tumblr over the next coming months.

We are doing this so we can better manage our content and streamline what we put out to our customers. If you follow us on any of those accounts you can still follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

These are just some of the small steps we feel we must do to improve the management of our business and the way we operate. There will be more changes happening over the next year or so to DME3.

We have got a few exciting announcements coming up in the New Year, so the watch this space!

This letter was written by our founder;

Nathan Johnston