dme3 ad

We have put together our very first ad campaign here at DME3 we couldn’t have done it without Peter Staubli and Corey leg also and Grant Webster in today we are launching the ad on Facebook before it launches at The Picture Show Man Cinema I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped produced and make the ad for DME3.
I would like to see big think you also to Jesse tankard for our partnership see DME3 can advertise it ad atThe Picture Show Man Cinema I look forward to working with you for the long term future
we have now got a few partnerships with other companies and other businesses just like we have withThe Picture Show Man Cinema and we will continue to grow and advertise and we want to make new partnerships with more businesses in the future.
Due to the current economical time and we are all facing including all businesses as well as DME3 itself because of COBIT 19 please be assured that we are making plans for the future to make improvements and big updates to the DME3 music service because the current situation it may take a while to do what we need to do here at DME3.