Driving Out of Eden – Now Available on DME3




DME3 music streaming service is now available for listeners

Listeners can now sign up to our music streaming service and listen to awesome music that we have on offer on our catalogue, here is the link to our membership options;  https://dme3.com.au/membership-account/membership-levels/

This week we have received a brand-new album now live on our service. It is called “Driving out of Eden”.

The album was recorded in New Zealand and the songs were written by Corey Legge.

He is very proud of his debut album, which took four years to write.

His album is on the plus level!

So we encourage all listeners to jump on board and join up to 1 of our plans to listen to music

We’ve got plans to suit everyone, free ,basic  and plus. Click on the link up above to see our prices.

We look forward to seeing you on our platform!